Sunday, January 04, 2009

Winter care

Well now that our holidays are over and past us, we can look forward to winter rearing it's ugly head at is. We think of safety most of all during this time of year. But we don't always think of
the safety of our pets. This this is just a small reminder to us to remember our furry pals during the coldest part of the year. If your pet is a outside one, please make sure they have lots of bedding in their dog houses and that their water dishes don't become frozen over where they can't get a drink. Also when the weather is to nasty think of bringing them in the house at night.

For our inside pets, make sure you don't let them stay out to long playing in the snow, they aren't use to the lower temps and will often times become so cold that it will cause health problems. When they come in the house make sure the pads of their feet aren't caked with snow and ice. This will cause frost bite for them. Another thing I do, is shovel a small dog run when the snow gets deep. I know it sounds crazy but for small pets, it's very easy for them to get lost in the snow. LOL So for Macey gay she gets her very own shoveled potty run!!

Remember if you have any questions you can always call the shop, and Jodi will be happy to help you. If she doesn't know, she will call and find out for you. Above all we want the winter to be safe for EVERYONE two legged as well as four legged friends.

May this new year bring you all much health and happiness and tons of joy with your furbabies.

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