Sunday, December 21, 2008

~Gifts to avoid buying at Christmas~

Between all the mega stores, small speciality shops, malls and on line shopping.
There are many different things you can buy for your friends and family this year at Christmas. It's doubtful you'll have a hard time coming up with gifts this year. But what about the gifts you shouldn't give during the holidays?

The number 1 gift you should not give at Christmas is......

Pets of any kind. There are a few reasons why you should avoid this gift. First, pets are really fluffy and adorable and on Christmas day they can really light up the room and make your loved one go gaga. The problem is, after the excitement wears off, your present may not be as welcome any more and may even end up neglected. If it's really bad, that pet may end up homeless in an animal shelter, no longer wanted. A precious little life like that deserves love and attention so don't buy an animal for the holidays. Another reason pets are a bad idea for Christmas day, is that a new pet will be scared or nervous enough coming to a new home. They will need your total attention and love and a calm place to come home to. If your family is like ours, Calm and quiet is not something we have in our home on Christmas Day!!!! laughing
So our suggestion is this, if you just have to give a pet to your loved one on
Christmas. Give them a gift voucher for a pet of their choice. Or if you know the
pet they really want, why not buy and wrap up the items they will need to care for
that pet, include a card letting them know that after the holiday craze is over they
will have their pet. This also allows them to go along with you and help pick out
the perfect new friend for them.

Completely avoid the urge to wow that special someone on Christmas day with an
animal. There are enough other fun things you can buy for them to open that day!

As for the pets you already have in the home. Please don't forget them during this
busy time of the year. Watch so they don't run out the door as all your guests are
coming and going. Please place them in a quiet room alway from all your company.
Remember they aren't use to all those strange people, and no matter how friendly
your furbaby is, a large amount of company can cause them to behave badly or
even snap and bite someone. Also removing your pet from the party keeps your
friends from feeding them all this rich food we enjoy. See our Thanksgiving post
for more information about holiday foods and our pets.

Diggin Dawgs and Co, along with myself, would like to wish you all a very happy and
healthy Christmas Season. May you enjoy the spirit of the season and remember the
reason we have this special day!

Much love
Jodi and Family
The gang at Diggin Dawgs
Tracie - Blog site designer & administrator

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