Sunday, February 08, 2009

A + Grooming

We offer full service grooming which includes bath and blow dry, hair cut of your choice, nail trim, anal glands and a bow or bandana. And don't forget to ask about our shed treatments.

Note: pets with fleas, matting, skin issues or aggressive behaviors will result in slightly higher prices. Pricing depends on type of dog and condition of pets hair.

Pets that require 2 people to groom will have an additional $5.00 - $10.00 charge.
Matted dogs do take longer to groom and are an additionl charge starting at $10.oo and up.

Services and Fees Note: We can NOT quote you an exact price over the phone with out seeing your pet. Please understand that pets with excessive matting will cost more.

Bath only
0-20 lbs: $28
21-40 lbs: $33
Over 40lbs: $48
Flea Bath: $28 and up.

Nails only
Nail Trim: $15
Nail Drummel: $18

Grooming These are our starting prices, total costs depends on
the amount of time it takes to groom your pet
Cockers: $43 and up.
Golden Retrievers: $43 and up.
Great Pyrenees: $78 and up.
Labs up to 50 lbs: $43 and up
Labs over 50 lbs: $53 and up.
Poodles up to 10 lbs: $43 and up.
Poodles (standard): $63 and up.
Saint Bernard: $78 and up.
Shih Tzu: $38 and up.
Westie: $43 and up.
Yorkie: $38 and up.

Shed Treatment
Starting at $35 and up depending on size of animal and
amout of time and amount of products it takes to do the

Cat Grooming
Bath Only: $43
Grooming (cut): $63

Contact us for any questions @ 636-327-4354

Important: We here at DDC do not sedate your pets. If you feel that your pet needs this service before grooming, please see your vet. If you find you need to sedate your pet, you MUST bring in the bottle of medication you use. We have to have that at the shop while your pet is with us.

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