Sunday, February 08, 2009

Are your pet's toys safe?

Providing your pet with toys to play with is one of the most basic aspects of
responsible pet care. We expect that these toys will bring many hours of enjoyment,
often not even entertaining the thought that a toy could have a very opposite effect.
The ball refered to in the below stoy is one with only 1 hole in the ball and a bell inside.
This type of toy can create a suction and get stuck on your pets tongue. Causing such
damage that the pet often has to have surgery to remove part of all it's tongue.
Please read Chai's story and click on the link. It takes you to Chai and his owners blog
where you can see all this poor fellow has had to go through and continues to go through
due to this one toy.
The picture in this post is the very ball that was stuck on chai's tongue. Please make
sure you do not have these types of balls in your home.
Chai's Story: Most recently, the story of Chai, a Labrador mix whose tongue
ultimately had to be amputated after getting stuck in a ball, circulated in the virtual
world. The culprit was the Pimple Ball manufactured by Four Paws.
Four Paws has stopped shipment of this product and alerted retailers that they should immediately remove the item from their shelves.
Update: The HSUS has been receiving reports that some retailers continue to
sell recalled versions of the Pimple Ball. If you've recently purchased one, please
check the UPC code on your Pimple Ball to ensure that you haven't purchased
a recalled version.

Chai's story is certainly tragic; however it does provide a good reminder for everyone to take a look at their pet's toys to make sure they sturdy and safe. If in doubt, it's best to remove a toy from your pet's collection instead of risking tragedy.

Stop now and take a look around your homes, see it from your pets view and pay attention to anything that may cause harm to a pet you love.
If in doubt about your pets toys, take them to your vet and get their advise. Before
buying a new toy for your pet, do some research. This wonderful computer we sit
in front of is a great tool for researching. And if you're buying a ball for your furbaby,
make sure it has two holes in it.

Parts of this post was referenced from The humane society's web site.

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