Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why Do Dogs Shed?

Your pet will shed depending on the breed, outside temperature, diet and cleanliness. Outside dogs get dirtier. Inside dogs blow their coat more often from going in and out of the home (temperature changes - warm inside and colder outside), and require a shed treatment more often.

Does blowing the coat (or shedding) hurt my pet? No.

How long does a shed treatment take? A shed treatment can take up to 4 hours.

Why does the shed treatment take so long and why does it cost more than just a bath or grooming?

The Shed Treatment is a 10-step process:
Your pet is examined for skin irritations, fleas, ticks and any other skin conditions to determine what tools are products may be needed.
Your pet is brushed with special tools to remove excess hair. This is very time consuming because your pet has a top coat of hair and an undercoat. Some pets have 4 coats of hair. (This process can take up to 2 hours.)
We then bathe your pet with cleansing shampoo. This process may be repeated up to 4 times depending on the amount of hair, dirt, oil, fleas and ticks, etc.
Your pet is then bathed with a special shampoo that loosens shedding hair.
Next, conditioners are applied to the pet's coat and skin. Warm towels are placed on your pet for 20 to 40 minutes to help the conditioners work.
A tool with a rubber tip is used in a circular motion.
A high-pressure warm water rinse removes more loose hair.
Your pet is towel dried and a high-powered warm air blower is used. (Most pets find this very relaxing.)
After drying completely, your pet is brushed again to be sure all loose hair is removed.
Lastly, a conditioning spray is applied to your pet's coat.

* If your pet has fleas or ticks, there is an additional charge (starting at $10 per treatment) to dip or shampoo.

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